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Meet the FindRx Team

Introducing our team of experts who bring together the best of both worlds -

health and technology.


With years of experience in their respective fields, our professionals are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that bridge the gap between healthcare and technology. You can trust us to deliver the best results for your prescription needs.

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Our vision

Creating real-time inventory network of pharmacies

"FindRx envisions a world where every pharmacy, regardless of size or location, is seamlessly connected through a real-time inventory network, ensuring that critical medications are always in reach for those in need.


Our mission is to revolutionize the pharmaceutical supply chain by providing comprehensive, up-to-the-minute inventory data, thereby reducing shortages, optimizing stock levels, and improving patient care. By harnessing innovative technologies and fostering collaboration among pharmacies, we aim to create a more efficient, transparent, and resilient healthcare ecosystem.


Through FindRx, patients will have quicker access to essential medications, pharmacies will operate more effectively, and the healthcare sector will be better equipped to respond to the evolving needs of communities worldwide."

Jay Choi

CEO of Faster Med Solutions

Our Story

FindRx was born from the observations and experiences of its founder, Jay, during his experiences at various pharmacies.


Jay noticed a recurring issue: approximately 50 patients a day visited his pharmacy to inquire about the availability of Adderall, especially amid a national shortage that began in late 2022 and persisted thereafter.


These patients, desperate for their essential medication, displayed evident frustration and fatigue from their relentless search.


Moved by the plight of these individuals, Jay felt compelled to act, leading to the inception of FindRx.


Through extensive interviews with pharmacists, prescribers, and patients, coupled with his firsthand experiences, Jay honed the vision for FindRx.


This groundwork propelled FindRx into the spotlight at Northeastern University's startup pitch competition, Demo Day, where it clinched the third place and a prize of $1,500.

Today, FindRx is helping patients throughout the nation get the medication they need in record time.

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Northeastern University's Husky Startup Challenge (Demo Day) Fall 2023

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