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Having a hard time finding your
 prescription medication on shortage?

We'll find your medicine for you - quick and easy.

with FindRx

One-Time Payment

Zero catch.
No subscriptions or additional fees.

Fill out the FindRx form

Provide your medication and payment details, along with your contact information, so we can keep you informed.

We will find a nearby pharmacy that has your medication in stock

Our team will contact you

immediately after finding your medication.

Let your doctor know about the pharmacy, and pick up your medication!

Don't worry if someone else picks up your medication, we will help you until you pick up your medication.

No more constantly calling and visiting your local pharmacies

After submitting your information, FindRx calls around pharmacies near your area. We start with your immediate zip code, and move out to further zip codes until we find your medication!

FindRx only charges a one-time, upfront fee. Each medication search costs $40, and we will help you until you pick up your medication. If we were unable to find your medication, we will refund your payment or you can request to search for other medication!

Find your meds quick and easy with FindRx

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