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This student is creating an app to help independent pharmacists and patients in times of medication shortages

Updated: Jul 10

Junhyuk “Jay” Choi and his team secured 3rd place and a $1500 prize at the 2023 Husky Startup Competition sponsored by Northeastern's Entrepreneurship Club. Jay and his team have developed an innovative service, FindRx, designed to help patients locate their prescription medications in short supply. This remarkable achievement highlights Jay's dedication to addressing a critical issue in healthcare today.

From Concept to Reality

When the FDA announced a nationwide shortage of Adderall this past year, Jay took notice. Seeing the same patients repeatedly visit the pharmacy he worked at, desperately hoping to find their prescriptions restocked, Jay felt compelled to help. Currently in his fourth year of the PharmD program at Northeastern University, Jay has always been passionate about pharmacy, with the goal of opening up his own pharmacy one day. Born in Seoul, South Korea, and moving to the U.S. at age 15, his interest in the medical field was sparked during a summer camp at the University of Texas in Austin, ultimately leading him to major in pharmacy.

The FindRx Website

  • The user-friendly website was designed to help patients locate their prescription medications by checking drug availability in the local area and sending requests to fill those prescriptions at locations with the medication in stock. The website aims to simplify the process of acquiring prescription medications for patients, beginning with a quick intake form. Features include:

  • $40 one-time payment: affordable access to service with no recurring fees

  • Average wait time of 1-3 days: quick response time to ensure patients receive medications promptly

  • Prescription transfer assistance: seamless transfer of prescriptions to minimize delays

  • Text message notifications: real-time updates to keep patients informed about their prescription status

  • Money-back guarantee: assurance of a refund if the medication is not found locally

Northeastern’s Support and Recognition

Jay’s journey has been successful with the support of Northeastern University’s Entrepreneurship Club. The Husky Startup Challenge, where FindRx took third place, formerly called Med Finder, provided Jay and his team with valuable resources, including boot camps and mentorship from investors. Jay credits Mark Yorra, senior cooperative education coordinator and clinical assistant professor of pharmacy practice at Northeastern, for his guidance and support in developing FindRx.

Jay also collaborated with IDEA, Northeastern’s student-led venture accelerator, to refine the business model and secure funding. IDEA provided mentorship, resources, and a network of investors, which were invaluable in taking FindRx from concept to reality. This support helped the team navigate the challenges of startup development, from ideation to execution.

The Success of a Multidisciplinary Team

Jay initially assembled a team of Northeastern friends to help make his FindRx vision a reality. The diverse team brings a wide range of skills and perspectives, ensuring that all aspects of the business are covered. The collaboration between students from different fields allows for a comprehensive approach to problem-solving, where each team member contributes their expertise to the company. This ensured that FindRx could effectively address the issue of medication shortages from different angles, providing a valuable service to both patients and healthcare providers.

The Community Impact

FindRx aims to alleviate patients' stress while reducing the time they are without their essential prescription medications. The service is particularly beneficial for patients with chronic conditions who rely on consistent medication supplies. Focusing on independent pharmacies and smaller clinics, FindRx also supports local businesses that often struggle to compete with large retail chains.

Patients have shared positive feedback about how FindRx has helped them manage their prescriptions more effectively while alleviating stress. The service eliminates the uncertainty and constant phone calls to pharmacies, providing patients with timely updates and a sense of security, ultimately preventing them from missing their medication doses.

The Future of FindRx

As FindRx continues to grow and reach more of the community, Jay and his team remain committed to significantly impacting patient care. Jay’s journey from pharmacy student to entrepreneur is just the beginning. His company showcases the power of experiential learning and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Jay’s vision for FindRx includes ongoing innovation to adapt to the evolving needs of patients and the healthcare industry. The team’s dedication to improving patient outcomes and supporting independent pharmacies sets a strong foundation for continued success.

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